About Hiatal Hernia Help.com

Quite simply (and obviously, I suppose!), this site is a source of information for people who want to know more about hiatal hernias, and the procedures available to treat a hiatal hernia.

The reason I put this site together was that I spent quite a while researching the condition to try and find a solution for myself. I read through lots of information - some useful, some not so useful - and I decided to share the most useful information with the general public in the most clear and concise way possible.

During my research, I found a very good ebook which really helped me - there are details of this on the home page. There are also answers to frequently asked questions, and a news feed with the latest in hiatal hernia treatments, and what you need to know. I will also be adding articles on hiatal hernias to hopefully make this a genuinely useful resource. Don't just put up with the discomfort of a hiatal hernia - knowledge is power! Best of luck to you!

Nick Willis